Who are you?

Its one thing to do whatever you can to maintain a positive attitude if you tend towards the negative, especially if you’re struggling to be successful. It is an entirely different deal if you’re already successful yet you’ve accomplished it, or are maintaining it, at the hands of other people.

Let’s say you’ve hired some freelance writers. Folks who make their living ghostwriting for others, including you. I can’t imagine you’re so dense you don’t realize that some of these fine people aren’t only writing for you but are also writing for others and possibly themselves too.

They entered into this deal with the full knowledge of what comes with the territory so there is a level of responsibility they’ve accepted. You did the same on your end.

But, they’re not perfect and neither are you! Specifically, one of them doesn’t know each and every aspect of the inner workings of this Blogging platform WordPress. She becomes a bit overwhelmed or perhaps becomes very tired and decides to do what it takes to take some time off i.e. she writes an entry and publishes it with a time stamp in the future. Unfortunately she lacks the knowledge that once the entry is added it’s pinged.

And you go off on her in a loud and obnoxious email about all that “super” important traffic you’ll be missing??? Good grief!!! Who do you think you are???

If you’re one of those folks who’ve been on the receiving end of a tirade like this, please, do yourself a huge favor. Visit a forum and politely, within the rules, inform the large memberships there of the actions of jerks like these. People who make unreasonable demands or belittle or demean folks who work hard yet aren’t perfect, deserve to be called out on their crap. Dictatorships have no place in business just like they have no place in a free world, if you’re fortunate enough to live in a free world.