Ubot Review

First and foremost let me tell you that Ubot is one of the best tools to automate 99% of what you already do on the internet. It doesn’t matter if your intentions are white-hat or black hat, my Ubot review will take you through what the application can do and my honest opinion of it.

Here are a few things that Ubot can do:

  • Autotweeting
  • Auto Twitter Friend Adding
  • Posting on Craigslist
  • Creating Web 2.0 Angela/Paul Type accounts (my personal favorite!)
  • Uploading Videos to popular video sites
  • Mass PMing on Forums
  • Create threads on just about any type of forum
  • Data Scraping and compiling
  • RSS Submission
  • Creating WPMU blogs and posting
  • Facebook friend adding
  • Facebook Group Management
  • Automatic website creation (another favorite)

The moral of the story, if its something that you are already doing, time and time again then Ubot can do it. This will help you save hundreds of hours of time, or even thousands of dollars that you are currently paying to your outsourcing team. Want to know another benefit? Give your teams the bots that you created, and let them DOUBLE or TRIPLE their work capacity by overseeing and managing the bots that you create. You see with Ubot, you create an EXE file that is a standalone application that doesn’t require Ubot to be installed.

How I ended up with Ubot

I’ve been in the Internet Marketing arena for about 10 or so years, I have been involved in web design, project management, and just about anything you can think of. One thing that has killed me over the years is my lack of programming knowledge, programming isn’t for me. Delegation, and bigger picture stuff is what I’m about, and I like to let the programmers do what they do best.

As most of you that have been in my situation, I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars to programmers and not to mention the time involved in making sure they create the application I always envisioned.

There have been many tools created that help me with specific, time/money consuming tasks, but they were always limited and the creators never really thought outside the box.

Finally I came across Ubot, and finally found a software that has changed my life. After paying $245, I quickly became skeptical of its ability. After playing with the software, I was sold and even more so! Seth has some great videos that can get anyone up and running within no time. Within two hours of watching a few videos and tweaking with my bot I was able to get a bot that automatically would place links on over 70 Angela/Paul type websites. For those of you that have never done this task, 70 sites would typically take over 4-5 hours of painfully boring work. This automates it, and more! I’m able to add websites to this bot easily, and I now have a list of over 200 websites that I can easily create backlinks on.

You see, that’s what makes this such a great software. I’m able to take something that would take 4-5 hours of either mine or my virtual assistants time and automate it. Creating a tool that can build me backlinks, easily and effectively.

Ubot will literally pay for itself, and more within a week. That’s a guarantee. Want another way to make money? Generate these type of automated bots, and then sell them. I guarantee most would pay close to $200 for the type of application that I built for backlink building. That literally pays for the software after your first sale.

The main advantages of Ubot:

  • Fantastic video tutorials to help you create bots and get you up and running
  • No programming knowledge needed at all
  • Support for Captcha breaking
  • Proxy support, allowing you to switch proxies automatically
  • Constantly updated with new features
  • Fantastic support from the community
  • Perfect for automation

Ubot Review Conclusion

You’d be actually crazy if you are a serious internet marketer and don’t have this software. You can build any application that you need, free yourself of the time and effort needed to do these repeatable tasks. Let the application run and do the work for you. With Ubot there’s a million ways to automate all these painful tasks. Why get stuck and have to deal hating what you do! Ubot sets you free.

Check out this video tutorial example

Don’t just take Ubot review, watch this video tutorial to see just ONE of the many tutorial videos to get you up and running