Tracking Contracting Time

Boggl is a new service which offers a real time online timer for you to use to track billable hours on client projects, among other things. I decided to sign up for the free service (you can’t beat that price) to give it a try and test its features. The sign up was very even, not even requiring a confirmation email to get started. After you login you are asked to create a project which entails creating a project name, client name, and whether or not it is billable.

After setting up the new project you are taken straight to the “Boggl” which allows you to turn the timer for the project on and off at the click of a mouse. After being turned on Boggl creates a real time timer that can then be turned on or off. The great thing about Boggl is that it doesn’t have to be used just for billing. You could also (like me) track your productivity by creating a task for each of your websites or projects and tracking (truthfully of course) the amount of time you spend on each project.

Eventually I would like to see a Firefox add on to allow you to Boggl from any page but until then you can simply leave Boggl open in another tab. If you are like me and are concerned with optimizing the time you spend and money you make online Boggl is a great service to try out.