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Rankpay.com is a performance based search engine optimization service. Chances are that you have either probably been told about Rankpay from a another user or may have come across them in the search engines. Rankpay is a “pay for play” type of SEO service, where you will only pay for rankings that you achieve for the keywords that you want. Pricing is upfront on their website at anytime, for anyone.

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Let’s get down to the basics of our Rankpay review, is Rankpay worth it for your business? Well that actually all depends. Personally I recommend Rankpay to a lot of my fellow webmasters and business owners. Most search engine optimization services will charge you with upfront fees, and then monthly retainers, regardless of where you rank. That’s something that I’ve always had a problem with. SEO has always seemed like a snake oil industry to me, where mythical creatures known as SEO perform some black magic to make my website appear. Most of the time these so called experts charge the farm and never produce any results. Which is why I like Rankpay.

Rankpay only charges after they get results for your website. Best of all, it’s for keywords that YOU select. Now be forwarned, Rankpay could be pricy for some individuals and businesses, so consider the cost before you get involved with them. What that basically means, is don’t be over ambitious and want to optimize for 20+ keywords out of the gate. That simply will get you in to trouble as once you begin ranking, they will begin charging you.

Rankpay is an external SEO company, which means that they focus on getting your website quality backlinks. Backlinks are what make a website rank, and there is a certain art to the way that you obtain links. Unfortunately for most webmasters, this is the hardest part of SEO and they need to find a solution that gives them a hands off approach. That’s Rankpay. Rankpay builds links in a white-hat, ethical manner, that allows for the best results for your website.

Give Rankpay a try by heading to their website, entering in your domain name, followed by a keyword or keywords that you’d like to rank for. You will then see upfront pricing as well as additional information about the opportunity for you to rank with those keywords. You can then checkout and get your campaign underway in no time.

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