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Rankpay is an SEO service that everyone needs to know about. They are providing an invaluable service, and it’s only a matter of time until everyone knows about them. They provide performance based search engine optimization. The best part about it? ZERO setup fees. In fact they even take it one step further and only charge you after you have achieved rankings. Talk about a no hassle, risk free approach towards SEO. That’s exactly what every SEO company should be doing.

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Rankpay takes SEO seriously, in fact they have every reason to unlike other companies. Just think about it, if Rankpay couldn’t achieve rankings then they wouldn’t be in business. It’s as simple as that, their success is tied to your success. After you succeed and begin ranking is when you’ll have to start to pay Rankpay. You won’t pay a dime until you reach the ranking positions! Not bad.

No hassle. I really need to emphasize that again, most SEO companies and services give you the reach around all day. Talking about this, and that but never really producing results. That of course is after you’ve paid their setup fees, their monthly fees, all for nothing or rankings for keywords that isn’t bringing you traffic. Rankpay isn’t like that. You select the keywords you want to rank for! No time wasting keywords that don’t bring in traffic. No unnecessary fees. Just straight up SEO.

To get started with Rankpay, head over to Rankpay.com and enter in your websites domain name. From there you will will be taken to a page that gives you important details about your website. Go ahead and enter a keyword into the search field. After that Rankpay produces valuable information about that keyword, your website, and the opportunity for your site to rank for that given keyword. You will also see upfront pricing! Give me a single SEO company that will provide you a quote right from their website. That’s extremely rare.

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