Expanding your contacts

You may not know who Elin Nordegren is. But you sure know who Tiger Woods is. I’m sure of that. Well Elin Nordegren is the wife of Tiger Woods. And she’s pregnant. You might be wondering what this has to do with the internet. But it’s the story that’s important. See in her own circles Elin Nordegren was a well known former model, daughter of an influential politician. She was famous. But then she met Tiger Woods. Then she became Hollywood Famous.

The internet is the same as real life. You might be well known in your own niche. But what are you doing to expand your niche. Are you going out and networking with people who might be well known in an unrelated niche that could help benefit you, and them?

Think about it. It can only help. Spend 30 minutes each day interacting with people you’d normally not interact with. In no time you will expanded your contacts and learned a few new things, and probably taught other folks a few things they didn’t know.