Choosing a Domain Name

If you didn’t read my last post How To Start A Company, then go back and check it out.

Surprisingly or maybe not. I used to really enjoy spending time in the woodshop. I spent a lot of time in high school working at the planer shed and around polyurethane finishing. This could explain the lack of brain cells that I currently have. Either way a few years ago I dreamed of owning a operating a small wood shop that manufactured a product. Over time I did some research on a product that would be easy enough to go into and would be highly rewarding. Back then I settled on a Shop.

Seems strange to be in that line of work. But their is something fulfilling about helping remember their loved ones in this special way. So I have this business idea. I’ve learned a lot from the web the last few years. Now it’s time to take a few solid online principles and leverage that into a smart business.

Basically in the beginning I wanted a low-stress model of business that wouldn’t require a lot of overhead and setup. So I decided to setup shop as a Custom Shop. Essentially allowing people to pre-order caskets for future use for themselves or a loved one.

Caskets would be custom ordered online, manufactured, stored in a small warehouse in Montana and shipped upon need. The whole setup would be automated. I would receive orders, manage customers, and handle delivery. The wood shop in Montana would handle the manufacturing.

Let’s head over to the branding shed. I wanted a good name that would be easy to remember, sellable, and genuine. The first thing that came to mind was woodshoppe, I didn’t really like it though. And I settled on woodshoppe.

A lot goes through my head when it comes to developing a business name, or a domain name. The key thing is always for me. Is it something someone offline would understand what it does? By the name. Or does the name signify something psychologically.

Either way I think this works. So I headed off to Go Daddy to purchase it.

Key Tip: Always Google Your Prospective Domain to make sure no one else is using something similar. It’s really rather good business practice and saves yourself from future legal issues.