Boostrapping Your Business

Confusing title I know. I’m still trying to make sense of it. I’ve been wanting to try out an experiment. I want to start a company with a real world product only by leveraging the internet. I have a few ideas that take me back a few years to my days working in a woodshop. I want to have the blog’ readers follow me through this process and I will detail the results of this experiment and show how easy it is to get started with a business just by leveraging the power of the internet.

First off I’m headed off to do some power napping and also to grab a high powered domain name that will be competitive. A solid domain is really important and should really be apart of your branding strategy. I currently don’t have a ‘brand’ since its a brand new business. So I’m the boss and have a clean slate to start fresh.

I don’t want to have a huge budget to get off the ground. I want it to be nearly 100% organic growth from online marketing. Obviously with this business ‘woodworking’ its going to take some investment to get off the ground. In my case I’m going to try the partnership model. Where I own a % of the business in exchange for providing work to an already successful woodworker.

In a few hours I should have a solid domain selected and I can head down the road to setting up a new website.