Blog comment spamming services

Okay, many have already discussed it. I think it might be the topic that will be kicked around for many more years to come. Apparently, there is no one singular solution to the issues. Welcome to the real world.

Comments, on Blogs of course. OR – how about – Letters to the Editor?

Seems to me that if you own your own Blog you’ll make the decision whether or not to allow, moderate, or disallow comments on your Blog. It’s up to you.

On the other hand, if you’re writing on a Blog owned by a person or entity other than yourself, the decision actually isn’t yours. A real world Newspaper doesn’t approve and print every single letter to its editors, does it?

Now, let’s suppose that we decided to disallow comments on the Blogs I write on for them. I know I wouldn’t have any difficulty making an instant decision that its their right to do that. I don’t tell them how to run their business and I receive that respect in return.

Currently, part of the “job description,” in my eyes, is to be a guardian of their “real estate.” Therefore, each day after I log in I check all the comments and delete the garbage and moderate what is to be moderated. I even get to approve a couple here and there…

For the immediate future though, and possibly long after that, I’ll be watching for “paid comment spam” initiated by the purchase of Blog Comments (oh, did I spell that wrong… I didn’t think so). If, and when, I see them, they will be instantly deleted if they have made it past our spam blocker.

It is my personal belief that anyone, on any Blog, ought to give the same actions serious thought. No matter where I am, I am not your online tool to be used and discarded, in order for you to make money. You have not one iota of care for those who will be purchasing these comments from you.

Folks! Pay Attention! He’s not about you, he’s about him!