Being Different to Stand Out

Or, at the very least, I’m just as damn well good as anyone else is!

So, you say you want to be successful Blogging, or anywhere online for that matter?

Well then, the title of this post ought seriously be considered as the attitude you take into each day if you really want to be a force in this thing they call the “Blogosphere!” (What a silly name.)

I see newcomers at the forums daily asking the same old crappy question – still – “How do I make money Blogging?” Well, my God, there are now what – about a zillion resources out there that offer more information than one person could handle in a lifetime? Is your clicking finger broken? Well?

Let me give just one example of someone I’ve had some interaction with and I thought recently was doomed. He has re-invented/reincarnated/remolded himself and despite some opinions to the contrary, has done such a wonderful job, he’s now writing at a popular blog!

Controversial? Yes. Confrontational? Yes. In opposition? Yes. Might often screw himself? Yep! Can’t spell worth a hoot? Most definitely! The best? Nope! Persistent as he**? Absolutely!

Do you think, for one milli-second, hecares about what anyone else thinks of him? Maybe in the past there were some moments, but I highly doubt it today. And what makes him different from me? Or you? Not one thing, at all!

Unless, perhaps, you consider that (in my personal perception) he, at least publicly, doesn’t go around asking for help that is readily available if he simply looks a little harder. He also obviously, never gives up. One quality I’ve seen in him through these few short years, is he appears to have the attitude that “I Can Be Better Than You Think I Am!” and nothing will hold him back! Or, once I’ve learned this lesson, I’ll be better and it will be worth it! He doesn’t pass on learning the lesson, he gets after it.