Avoiding anti-social blogging

Borne of personal feelings and many years of experience in the “real” world…

In response to Arrington’s post today at Techcrunch “What’s Really Going On?” within which he extols the talents of one specific individual (of a few).

For your consideration – do you realize that there are folks out there with lots of capital ready and willing to finance you? What are you willing to do to get a piece of that pie? The answer ought to be anything.

Now see that THEY received $5.5 Million in funding in March, 2006 and another $2 Million two weeks ago.

Make believe that you are a venture capitalist and visit this entry and give serious thought to what you might want to do with your money were you to be asked for consideration for funding by the outfit that associates themselves with this person.

Mr. Arrington says (quoting John Furrier) “All employees are encouraged to spend some of their time creating content. Other than that, Furrier says, the company is out of the content creation business.”

And my thought becomes, propagating and promoting, thereby perpetuating bigotry and prejudice may be content in some places but not where I want to spend my money.

Also to be considered ought to be that this references only one post. Go ahead, scan through and see how often the “F” word is used (or other such commonalities).

Anti-Social behavior. Should not be rewarded. But, this is just one man’s opinion.